A.M.Adams, Freelance Writer

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Thank you for stopping by. I am a freelance writer specializing in creating content about business, travel, and money. 

Stories sell. 

I help businesses attract, inform and keep customers by telling stories through:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Blogs
  • Website content
  • Newsletter content
  • Articles
  • Case studies

I also help magazines educate and entertain their readers with fresh, engaging writing.

Experience pays.

I have been freelance writing for over 15 years with my work appearing locally and nationally, both in print and online.​ Deadlines don't scare me. I am stickler about getting it right the first time. And I am also really good listener. I genuinely want to know what you need and figure out how I can help you get it. You can get a taste of my writing by checking out selected samples of my work on my Portfolio page. 

Hire me.

Whether you need an occasional writer or a need a regular, consistent contributor, I can help. 

Let me know what kind of project you need written and I will let you know when you can expect it finished and for how much. You can contact me by filling out the form below. I answer all emails within 48 business hours, excluding holidays.